Long-Lasting And Beautiful Granite Window & Door Frames

Windows and doors are expected to open and close, keep out the elements while staying balanced for years. While the windows and doors may hold up well from a combination of buying long-lasting materials from a quality manufacturer that were installed by a top professional, the framework around them may fail first.

Wood Frames

The problem usually dates back to going natural and choosing a wood window or door frame to surround fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl window or door. Those materials are all able to hold up for decades without a problem.

Wood, on the other hand, requires a lot of constant attention between checking for rot, washing them, making sure they have not shifted, to sanding and repainting them. If you have wood windows, then the drill is normal.

For most homeowners who have other materials, they easily forget about the wood. Instead of getting low maintenance windows and doors with a high-maintenance frame, consider a better alternative — granite window & door frames.

Benefits Of Granite Window & Door Frames

Granite is beautiful and is material fit to last many lifetimes. Though, there are many different ways to come by granite for doorways and window frames. The reason is that granite has a long and storied history of use in households and buildings over millennia.

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Fortunately, people have had the good sense to pass these materials along to other building owners over time. As it turns out there is big business in re-selling materials from buildings and homes that are set for demolition or for renovation.

The old copper pipes, for instance, might be stripped out of an old house and sent to a store set up within the scope of the construction and demolition industries. It creates access to varieties of marble that may no longer be available because the quarry it was from long ago closed or shifted to another location.

It creates the perfect opportunity to locate unique pieces that were crafted in a time when machinery was not what it is. In other words, they could be particularly ornate pieces because they were hand carved.

By comparison, today’s granite may be crafted from caps such as the bull-nose rounder along with flat pieces. Together these may be good frames. Though, they will lack the ornate charm of a piece from the 1800s or from the turn of the 20th Century.

The cost will take into consideration that it is a fine piece of granite. Yet, it will still be a comparative steal when put up against a piece of granite that is carved today. The cost would be higher, and you never know what you are going to get until you have it in hand.

Granite And Stone Variations

There are many variations of stone that make it difficult to identify accurately what the actual piece you will end up with will look like. The stone that is in the ground will all look different and may contain great variations that you were not anticipating.

Likewise, the coloration might be vastly different than what you had in mind. It will still be the same type of granite from the same location and quarry that you were anticipating, but not the right one.

A vintage store allows you to see what you are getting. You already know what it looks like, whether the beauty will work for your location or not.

More Opportunities Through Demolition Industries

Such companies give you another opportunity to find the granite window & door frames that you want. Take the time to build a friendly working relationship with the people at the store and you may find that they will let you know when granite is coming available before they have it in stock.

For instance, you may like the granite they have, but need more of it for the size of your house or building. Building a good relationship will encourage them to share with you that they actually have more coming in and they will let you know when it will arrive. They are more likely to work with you more closely if they have the time and luxury to do so.

Granite is a superior material for window and door frames. Look at demolition stores for the best in vintage granite looks.

Granite rocks are found near active or past plate boundaries on continents around the world. Click this link to know more about Granite and Granodiorite.